Flannel Shirts For Women

Flannel Shirts For Women
Dickies Women's Plaid Flannel Shirt

This is a beautiful flannel shirt. Soft texture and well made. The only problem I had is the cut of the sleeves is a bit snug for the size. I ordered another Dickie's flannel shirt at the same time, and it fits perfectly. This is not a major flaw, just a comment to help other shoppers. If you want loose fitting arms, you may want to go up one size on this shirt.

this women's flannel shirt very soft, comfortable and pretty. Washes up well, the colors stay true and it softens a little more each time it's washed. The size has stayed true too, unlike other flannel shirts I have purchased. It is one of my new favorite flannel shirts!

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  1. It depends on your choice that what you prefer to wear like shirts ladies or tees, both are comfortable and beautiful but both have huge difference.


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