Fleece Lined Flannel Shirt Women's

Woolrich Women's Fleece Lined Denim Shirt Jac

Let me tell you this is the best quality fleece lined shirt for your money. These days its hard to find well made clothing. This fleece lined shirt will keep you worm working in the barn or working in the yard on a cool fall day. The fit is vary flattering for women. For me it was a little big in the belly and the sleeves where a little long as well but with the beautiful flannel lining just roll it up. Don't get me wrong this is a vary classy jacket i will be buying one more for dress ware.

This fleece lined shirt/jacket is very warm and comfortable, the arms and body were perfect lengths. I think the x small would have fit better around the waist but the arms would have been to short. Very happy with this shirt, haven't tested it out to much yet but it so far I love it. I have many flannel shirt items for work and love every one of them, they are all great quality products.

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